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Everyday Sri Lanka | Mobile Journalism Workshop

Tiziano | Sri Lanka

Working with the US Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka, The Tiziano Project trained 24 aspiring Sri Lankan journalists on how to use smart phones to report quality, journalistic content. In this program, we focused on the tools and apps that are prominent in everyday lives - Android phones, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

The students learned how to tell stories through services like Instagram and then promote their messages to the world. We built off of the concept of one of our partners, Everyday Africa, to create an Instagram feed called Everyday Sri Lanka that after a month already boasted more than 700 followers.

A Young Kosovo | iPad Storytelling Workshop

Tiziano | Kosovo

TheTiziano Project led a two-week workshop at the Dokufest International Film Festival covering the fundamentals of video storytelling entirely using the new iPad.

The films produced by the program participants were screened on the last day of the festival and compiled into a showcase on StoriesFrom a new, open platform for collaborative storytelling The Tiziano Project launched at Dokufest.

Visit the project here: StoriesFrom | A Young Kosovo

On the Rez | San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation

For two years running, The Tiziano Project has collaborated with MAX: Media Arts Exchange to provide a cumulative arts education program for at the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. Middle and high schoolers participate in four formative weeks of poetry, music, art, photography and multimedia on the history, culture and present day life on the reservation.

Visit the project here: StoriesFrom | On The Rez

360 Palestine

In 2012, The Tiziano Project trained Palestinian community members from East Jerusalem and The West Bank in multimedia journalism and social media skills to tell stories of Palestinian life in the region. Participants, who came from a variety of social and geographic backgrounds and ranged in age from 15 to 53, received professional basic training that they could apply to finding jobs in new media. The resulting reportage provides a portrait of both the holy city of Jerusalem and the troubled West Bank from a fresh and authentic perspective that goes beyond mainstream media headlines.

Visit the project here: StoriesFrom | 360 Palestine

Being We the People | Kabul and Philadelphia

Tiziano | Afghanistan

In 2012, The Tiziano Project trained high school students in both Philadelphia and Kabul, Afghanistan in video journalism skills. Participants reported on similar cultural, political and economic themes to compare and contrast the meaning of community and civic engagement between both cities. The project was completed in conjunction with The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Visit the project here: StoriesFrom | Being We The People

Leimert Park, South Los Angeles

Tiziano | South LA

During the 2011-2012 school year, The Tiziano Project trained high school students in the Leimert Park area of central Los Angeles in documentary video journalism skills. Students produced videos on cultural touchstones in their community, as well as documented news and trends that affected youth in the area. The resulting video reportage was screened at Creative Artists Agency.

Visit the project here: StoriesFrom | Leimert Park

At the Table in Latvia

At the Table: Connecting Culture, Conversation and Service in Latvia and the U.S. was an international exchange program that connects high school students in Philadelphia and Riga in 2011. The program, undertaken by the National Constitution Center in collaboration with the National History Museum of Latvia, was funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in collaboration with American Association of Museums. The project encompasses film making, community service locally and abroad, civic engagement, and cultural exchange in the form of international travel and communication with global peers.

Visit the project here: StoriesFrom | At The Table In Riga

360° Kurdistan

The Tiziano Project | 360° Kurdistan presents the journalistic efforts and personal accounts of Iraqi citizens living in the Kurdish north alongside the stories of their professional multimedia journalism mentors. This is a documentary effort by The Tiziano Project, which provides new media tools and training to community members in conflict, post-conflict and developing regions.

The purpose of The Tiziano Project | 360° Kurdistan is to provide you with a robust and complete understanding of life, culture and news in present-day Iraqi Kurdistan.

Central & East Africa

Tiziano | Rwanda

The Tiziano Project launched in Rwanda in 2007, educating talented and dedicated locals. During the course of two years, we led projects in Rwanda, DR Congo, Kenya, and Somalia training community members to produce content for Western news agencies. Using established journalists and documentary filmmakers on the ground and online, students were given intensive storytelling training.

Individual mentorships in radio production, writing, photography, video and online media was facilitated through collaborations with The German Development Service (DED), Maison des Jeunes (a youth center in Kigali), The New Times, and Voice of America.

The Tiziano Project provides community members in conflict, post-conflict, and underreported regions with the equipment, training, and affiliations necessary to report their stories and improve their lives.

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